I began my formal scientific studies while raising my children, going on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the UK’s Open University.  The continuous study of science, particularly quantum theory, since 1991, and the continuous study and practice of spiritual experiences, which began occurring around the same time, eventually led to the unified theory, presented in ‘It’s All Light’, being born.  For the 18 years it took to write the book I had one foot in both camps, as it were.
I’m an avid reader and student of esoteric philosophy, and believe that the split between science and spirituality is false and ‘It’s All Light’ addresses this by showing how they are complementary pairs, like male and female:  both human; like positive charge and negative charge: both electric, like steam and ice: both water.  Science deals with the material, spirituality deals with the non-material, so both could be summed up with the famous equation in an expanded form; that is, E=mc2 becomes C=mcn. (this means, Consciousness = matter times the speed of light to the nth degree, in other words multi-dimensions.)  So C=mcn describes both the material and non-material.  The reasoning of this is explained in detail in the book, and by the way, it’s the only equation in the book, as this is a verbal theory.  As I describe in the book, if the verbal theory is sound, then the mathematics will follow.
During the writing of the book I was involved in values education in schools for eight years, promoting a universal values programme to primary and secondary schools in the UK.  This led to the creation of an educational toy with books, the ‘Values Friends’.  In 2005 I started my first company, called OMbres, piloting the Values Friends with pre-school nurseries and primary schools in the UK.  The pre-school books teach the values of ‘Truth’, ‘Love’ and ‘Peace, with the addition of ‘Right-Conduct’ and ‘Non-Violence’ for the older children.   The Friends, ‘Poppy’ and ‘Todd’ will soon be joined by ‘Mae’ and ‘Nelson’, each with their own ethnicity, reflecting the universality of the values.
Although interested in unconventional subjects from a very early age, the spiritual experiences mentioned above really began with a spiritual healing experience in 1991 which prompted study into spirituality and philosophy from many cultural sources.  This led to being trained in natural healing and becoming a member of the The Healing Trust in the UK in 1993, followed later with training in colour therapy, EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).
My passion has always been, and continues to be, to help uplift and unify people through education and health, in the broadest sense of both, as they are intertwined.  The unifying of science with spirituality, values teaching for children and healing and self awareness, are the natural outcomes of that.

Gloria Prema

BSc., Dip.Env & Dev., MNFSH