Hi, I’m Gloria Prema, creator of Next Chapter coaching. I show stressed-out business professionals who feel overwhelmed, unappreciated and not earning to their full potential, how to achieve a feeling of freedom, clarity and peace of mind that will last.

Have you struggled with a personal problem for a long time and haven’t managed to shift it? Whether it’s about facing a major change in your life or dealing with a personal problem that may be keeping you up at night, my Next Chapter coaching transformation package will have you feeling like a load has been lifted, that you can breathe again and feeling a sense of well-being that will last.

If you sign up for my free video series I will offer you a free Clarity Session in the last video and this session is worth $80 but is free to you. This 20-30 minute session will be conducted over Skype or the telephone and I will help you to get clear about what is holding you back and how that can be shifted. I will identify where you are blocked and what we can do to change that. After the Clarity Session, if you decide to sign up for the coaching I will take you through a step by step, mind/body process which includes EFT tapping, which will result in what people typically describe as:
  • A eureka moment; seeing something clearly and experiencing a cognitive shift
  • A feeling of lightness and calm, and often a physical change in outer circumstances
  • Clarity, focus and enthusiasm about the future.
This is a sample of what a previous client of EFT tapping said –
I went to Gloria in a very unstable, desperate condition.
I thought about the issues I wanted to work on before the session and told Gloria these upon arrival.  These were 2 huge things that caused me continued pain and have done for many years, one of them longer.
Not only did we target the most important issues but Gloria had the professionalism to notice links in the problems and help me to release the emotions and feelings on these.  I gave input on things we needed to tap upon but Gloria suggested new statements which I would not have thought of and felt related totally to my issues.
I was able to view my issues in a different light and this gave me great comfort.
This therapy was the most effective therapy I have ever experienced and am amazed at the effects after just one session.
A pain I held onto for so long (almost 4 years) with no hope of being free of it was wiped out after EFT.
I now feel hopeful and excited about my future and am happy to be out of the dark place I have been in for many years. Gloria is truly amazing.  
(client does not wish to be named, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
To really understand what’s going on in terms of what may be holding you back, it’s important to get clarity first of all. Once the issues become really obvious they are easy to clear using EFT tapping. This is a very fast and effective method of energy clearing but it works much faster when the issues are brought to the surface and given a voice. The actual physics of how this works are described in my book, How To Attract (using the law of resonance), available on Amazon and Kindle.
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How To Attract describes the law of resonance, which is what is commonly known as the law of attraction.  However, as I describe in the book, it’s more correctly a law of resonance.   There has been some misunderstanding in the personal development field about the law of attraction as it has been presented.  The law of attraction in physics, for example, is actually a law of opposites; whereas the law of resonance is about being in the right resonance for what you want to attract.  When you are in the right resonance, then no effort is required.
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Sign up today and begin the next chapter of your life with a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling of lightness and ease.  After all, isn’t this what we all strive for?  We put off living until  the kids leave home, or until the mortgage is paid, or until we have saved ‘X’ amount, or until we have achieved the promotion, or the qualification, or until we’re ‘good enough’, ‘smart enough’, ‘successful enough’, ‘rich enough’, ‘thin enough’, ‘qualified enough’,?  The list can be endless and most of us recognize those feelings at some time or other.  Well, there’s no need to keep any of those beliefs.  Will you make the decision today to be free, really free, and begin to breathe again and feel that life is for living?  EFT is the acronym for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It is the fastest and most permanent way I have come across in my 25 years in the personal development field for changing how you feel, permanently.  
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Life is all about choices and I hope you will take that step today and make the choice to start a new chapter right from today.  
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