“The books are priceless gems for our children. They have been used at a primary school in south London for four years to help children remember how fabulous they truly are. The books bring joy, fun, truth and comfort to the child. When the short poems are read a peace descends and the childrens’ faces reflect joy and calm. The books are small, simple and inexpensive and should be in the possession of every child and school.
We love them ! They are a wonderful extension to the Values Friends which comprises of a boy and girl doll, known as Values Friends, that are equally inspiring and comforting to the children and appreciated by boys and girls alike.
These little books are an essential alternative to the sometimes negative and often pointless merchandise available to our children”.
Louise Collins – Shaftesbury Park Primary School, London , Volunteer Human Values Teacher

“Todd spent last session with the children in the nursery class. In the beginning, the staff used him as a class ‘buddy’ for the children. He also kept the children company when they were feeling sad or lonely and the children also shared stories with him, and sometimes even took him to snack. The staff used Todd as an aid to discuss and explore the positive values that we promote in the nursery. This session Todd has gone to Primary 1 with the children from our nursery class, and has been a familiar face in the class for the children who need reassurance. Poppy has now joined the nursery and will stay with them for the year and go with the children to P1 next session. The dolls have been a valuable resource in easing the transition to P1 for some children”.
St. Ninian’s RC Primary School, Dundee, Scotland.

“As Citizenship is in our school development plan this year we thought we could use Todd to promote Citizenship with our children. He was found to be a good starting point for discussions. Todd has been used in Circle Time to encourage the ante-pre school children to share and take turns. Todd joined group times, bringing along some grapes to share with his new friends . We spoke about being kind and helpful to each other. Over the next few days the children read stories to Todd in the book area. He was taken into the home corner to have tea and taken out in the buggy for a walk. One little girl was even dancing around the room with him. Another group used Todd, adding words to his tummy. The children in the pre-school group discussed golden rules in the Nursery and the ‘golden rule’ words added to Todd’s tummy, e.g. listening, sharing, caring. This was further developed with the children making a big golden flower for their nursery rules. Children were keen to have Todd join in group time, giving him lots of cuddles.”
California Nursery School, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

“Poppy and Todd were introduced to the nursery children as two children new to the district who had no friends and this provoked lots of discussion about being kind and friendly and thinking about how children feel. One four year old has become so immersed in caring for Poppy that she believes (almost) that she is real! As a reward for being kind and caring, Erin took Poppy home with her. When Erin went to hospital the next day, Poppy went with her and they both co-operated so well that they were treated to a session of Soft Play. We have found the dolls provide comfort and also increase a child’s confidence. The words in the poems are also easy to understand and some we know off by heart. We want to continue using Poppy and Todd in our young children’s social development and look forward to how this will go.”
“Our key question became, ‘who are the buddies today?’. This activity has helped two boys greatly as they have had to think about using voices instead of fists and quiet voices instead of loud shouting. Poppy and Todd, being in their care, have meant they have had to think about behaviour and how it affects our friends. A great tool for working through right conduct and non-violence.”
Winchburgh Primary School, West Lothian, Scotland.

“Felt comfortable using puppets – they fitted in well to our puppet family. Children had a lot to say/ask about them. (Thought they were twins regardless of different skin colours! Could be used for race, humanity lessons, R.E., bullying, etc.)”
Holy Family Primary School, West Lothian, Scotland