Finally! A unification of the laws of physics. Understand your spiritual nature with quantum physics made easy. A simple-to-understand scientific explanation for near-death experiences, healing and other phenomena.


it's all light, physics, theory, universe

A unified theory in every sense, it seamlessly moulds science with so-called spiritual phenomena, which includes things like healing effects, telepathy and much more.

A condensed version of ‘It’s All Light’, in a short, easy-to-read style.

This is the psychological aspect of the morphic resonance of light; what some call the law of attraction.



Described as ‘the easy way to teach moral values to children’, the Values Friends™ books, since their launch in 2005, have been finding their way into schools and homes as a way to teach good citizenship and human values. They consist of quotations and poems on each of the values; Truth, Love and Peace (for age 3-5) and with the addition of Right-Conduct and Non-Violence for the older children (age 6-9).



Example of ‘Peace’
A big smile on my face
Means peace is in place
I am happy and free
I like being me.


Example of ‘Truth’
Up in the sky
Stars twinkle like lights
Can’t see them today
But I’ll see them tonight.


Example of ‘Non-Violence’
Watch your actions, words and thoughts
That’s the lesson we should be taught
Never be unkind in what you say or do
Be honest and kind and most of all true

Example of ‘Love’
The flame in our hearts grows with love
But where do we find it? from up above?
Some places I know of where you can look
You’re sure to find it by hook or by crook
Start with school, make a friend, it’s always a start
Then another and another ‘til you’re all taking part
Make a big friendship ring that goes round the school
No-one’s left out and everyone’s cool.