Increasingly, schools are including the values of good citizenship, spiritual, moral, social and cultural education in their curriculums, having been recognized as not only relevant, but increasingly vital in today’s troubled society.  Also, the recognition of emotional intelligence as a major aspect of good citizenship is also making its way into the curriculum of schools in several countries and is to be applauded.  However, the foundations for this are laid down in early childhood and this is when the teaching of these values must begin, but be done in a way that is accessible to the very young child, that is, by osmosis, by example and by memorable rhymes, more than by structured lessons.
The books, available in Kindle or paperback from Amazon or all good book shops, can be used on their own or along with the Values Friends™ toy (below).


Example of ‘Peace’
A big smile on my face
Means peace is in place
I am happy and free
I like being me.


Example of ‘Truth’
Up in the sky
Stars twinkle like lights
Can’t see them today
But I’ll see them tonight.


Example of ‘Non-Violence’
Watch your actions, words and thoughts
That’s the lesson we should be taught
Never be unkind in what you say or do
Be honest and kind and most of all true


Example of ‘Love’
The flame in our hearts grows with love
But where do we find it? from up above?
Some places I know of where you can look
You’re sure to find it by hook or by crook
Start with school, make a friend, it’s always a start
Then another and another ‘til you’re all taking part
Make a big friendship ring that goes round the school
No-one’s left out and everyone’s cool.





The Values Friends™ books and the accompanying toys, Poppy and Todd, were developed as a way to help children integrate and develop the practise of Truth, Love and Peace (for children up to five) and Truth, Love, Peace, Right-Conduct and Non-Violence (for five upwards), as living skills to help them grow into responsible young people and good citizens, with inner contentment, self-esteem, assertiveness, altruism and a sense of compassionate social responsibility.  These core values have been taught down through the ages by enlightened teachers and thinkers because they have been recognized as central to human wellbeing and society.


The Values Friends™’ message is that these core values are universal and are contained within all human hearts, regardless of outer appearance. These values are imprinted in the heart cavity of the doll, which is covered by a flap attached by Velcro. When the flap is opened, the values can be seen imprinted in the heart space; the same values that correspond to the books, containing poems and quotations on the values. They are developed for use in or out of the classroom, but within a classroom setting they are a useful resource for circle time and for the teaching of related values of friendship, caring, trust, etc. They can also be a friend to take home, for comfort and friendship but also to teach responsibility. See the Testimonials page for some feedback from schools where Poppy and Todd have joined the school role. The Values Friends™ doll puppets will be available to buy in shops in the near future, or can be purchased here.


£22 ($30/€26) each + p&p (one book included with each – please state which Friend and which book are required)
10% discount when ordering two or more Friends
Each doll is 25” tall and washable